This Beautiful Moment

Life supplies a lot of twists and turns. Today is the due date for my fourth child who didn’t make it, and – quite a while back – I was crushed unexpectedly when I found out a friend was due with her son today (after I already knew mine wasn’t viable). I knew then it was selfish, but I had an emotional (and private) reaction. I found out yesterday she had her healthy baby boy a few days ago.

Today, though, is a very different day with a very different perspective. This morning, a dear friend delivered her baby girl. She is a friend who understands my perspective all too well, and gives me support and love on my journey. A friend, who has a story filled with lightness, reminds me today that miracles do happen. She is my Bullets to Blessings friend, a woman who has shared quite a similar journey. Once again, her story and her soul are giving me strength on a day I could be weak. She is giving me hope where it seems none remains. She is reminding me that miracles do happen.

This morning, she went through her first delivery with her fourth child. This is not the first baby she prayed for or named, but it’s the first one she gets to cuddle and kiss. Today, I am not jealous or sad, left to my narrow perspective. Today, I get to celebrate and revel in the truth that sometimes it does work out as planned. I know many who read this blog have had similar struggles, and may currently be going through them, so cement this story of hope into your being. Remind yourself that it gets better. And celebrate the birth of a new, sweet, little girl with a woman who deserves this beautiful moment.

4 thoughts on “This Beautiful Moment

  1. Congratulations to your friend, I am beyond excited that she is holding her baby! Thank you for sharing her story and for giving hope to people like me that our future child is out there and one day we will be a family.

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