Humble Pill

“I want to ask a favor,” Francis told them. “I want to ask you to walk together, and take care of one another. … And don’t forget that this bishop who is far away loves you very much. Pray for me.”

Regardless of your love, hate, or indifference to all things Catholic, we’ve got to admit that this quotation from the new pope is quite beautiful. This is a stunning example of servant leadership. It makes me want to be more like him.

If we all took care of each other, imagine what you life would look like. So much support, so much ease in your decisions because you would know other spirits were journeying with you. We could all afford to be humble because we wouldn’t worry about being knocked down by someone else. We could all afford to love fully because we wouldn’t be emptied by others’ greediness with our gifts.

So, I am going to pretend we all walk together, pray for each other, and support each other already. I am going to take a humble pill and try to make my decisions based on my soul’s growth needs instead of how it might look on paper. Because, in the end, what do we take with us besides our souls?

As I do this, I ask you all to pray for me, too.