Well Hello Son Four

The littlest one was born 1.25.18, three weeks early, because of an emergency induction. While my story can never be without a little unexpected drama, we are all well and healthy, living this dream. I wanted to make sure to post in case anyone stumbles upon this blog and needs extra assurance that miracles truly do happen, even to those of us who might have felt relatively hopeless at a time.

There are still no logical reasons for all the troubles and the two miracles, but here we are. Anything can happen – and this anything can be sweeter than you could ever imagine. Stay hopeful and flexible, my fellow travelers! My love is with you.

12 thoughts on “Well Hello Son Four

  1. OMG!!! How did I miss the post announcing son four?? I am overjoyed for your great fortune. All my love to your whole family❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I have been following you since I lost my daughter last summer and this post was just what I needed for encouragement!!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift of joy with us! Congratulations!!!!

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