The Beckoning


I haven’t written in a little while. I think it’s because my soul feels a little bit like this photo. I am quiet. I feel mostly peaceful. I cannot see everything quite as clearly as I would like, but my gut is telling me there is a path laid out in front of me.

My soul is healing. My body is healing. I am trying not to get wrapped up in false hope as our adoption agency is quoting timelines that seem very unrealistic when compared to history and other agency quotes. I feel somewhat strained, trying to keep myself living in the moment, but I also know the past will not change and the future will come in its own time.

So, I am quiet. Not quite still, as I feel the forward momentum, but not holding on for dear life on a spinning merry-go-round either. When I hear the merry-go-round inviting me in, I have pause – if not right away, after a few moments – knowing that truth is not on the ride.

Truth is on this path: this semi-dark, rugged path – that has no definite end – is beckoning to be acknowledged for its integrity on this journey home.

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