A.G.’s Angelversary #2

I love my angel son…and in memory of him on his birthday…

I stayed in bed a little longer and cuddled with my dog.

I ate chocolate for breakfast.

I lit a candle in memory of A.G.

I read Rumi, drinking his words right off the page.

I connected with family as I walked my pup.

I ran hills because my body is strong and my spirit is stronger.

I donated my professional skills in support of education for Haitian children.

I let my dog eat the birthday party invitation for the little boy that was born a week after mine.

I talked to my fabulous friend for over an hour on the phone.

I drank wine and had good conversation with my husband.

Life is good. It takes a while for it to be good, but then you get your groove back. Not every day, but often enough. Keep going, People. We have a lot more to live.

3 thoughts on “A.G.’s Angelversary #2

  1. Oh, I’m thinking of you and your husband and dog and darling AG. It sounds like you are honouring him in the best way. (I feel exhausted even thinking about doing one of those things!) AG didn’t get to live his life, but you are living yours for him. I am sending you big bear hugs from the UK xxx

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