Extra Confetti – The Summer Solstice


My regular readers know I am a big proponent of celebration and seizing the day (e.g. stealing nectar of course). I’ve decided celebrating the summer solstice this month will be a fabulous way to fit in a little extra confetti.

I’ve become interested in energy: the energy we carry and let go; the energy we absorb from nature and others; the energy we decipher through a strange combination of using our senses together to know for sure something or someone is right – or very not right – for us at any particular moment in time. Well, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year, giving off so much sun energy that solar panels everywhere will be feeling delightfully overfed. Why don’t we partake in the positive energy absorption, too?

For the last very long moment in time, my life has been full of sad and disappointing energy from which I have been trying to properly detox. This garbage energy is SO hard to properly dump, but I am using all the healthy methods I know (like laughter, play, eating more vegetables, and meditation) to rid myself of whatever droopy energy I can. I am welcoming anything full of life and rigor, anything relaxing and fun. Just like a solar panel, I will be trying to capture all the sun I can get, and I will make a concentrated effort of this June 21.

I am thinking beautiful napkins and fancy drinks. Cake. My favorite flamingo and pinwheel straws. A large blanket on some quiet grass. And – to make a peaceful transition from the sun, in all its heightened glory, to it swinging away from us for the next 6 months – there will be star watching after dusk.

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