I have been so silent in the blog world lately, but my life has been filled with: 

– the softest baby hands 

– Adrian giggles and crinkly-smile eyes

– sweet “hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm” sleep sounds

– the best cry face around, complete with a lower lip pout

– chunky, adorable thighs

– lots of love gazing in both directions 

Life is full. It’s gorgeous. I watch the golden sunrise when I am up way too early snuggling with my little guy. Stealing nectar this season couldn’t be easier. I am falling more in love every day, and even the challenges are life-giving. I have all of you – in your various stages of ravel or unravel – in my thoughts as we navigate the same and different wavelengths. I pray every person gets to experience a Big Love like this with whatever it is that fills you up entirely. Peace wishes in this holiday season to all. 

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