Haitian Nectar

Today, my husband and I received great news from our adoption agency. Not only has our dossier (which is a phone book sized stack of notarized papers verifying our ability and stability for raising a child) finally made the grueling trip to Haiti, but the estimated wait times for getting a child referral have gone down from 7-8 months to 3-6 months (!!!). It seems so unreal that I am truly having a hard time believing it. We might be able to spend Christmas in Haiti with our son or daughter!

We still have, at a bare minimum, 1-1.5 years left, assuming a seamless process. There are no promises or crystal balls, but our best forecasting now tells us that we should be under or at that 1.5 year mark which feels like beautiful fireworks going off inside my chest. Excited is an understatement.

Grace and fortune have been waiting for us here, and we are finally able to receive these gifts from our Most Loving. I will allow myself to get drunk off this encouragement and optimism for its sake – without expectations. I’ll continue to let the tide wash in and wash out at its own ancient and mysterious pace…while staying committed to my Creole lessons!

Orevwa for now!

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  1. Patience – Stealing Nectar

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