Soul Searching

So, I’ve been completely MIA on the blog for a while, but I’ve been busy soul searching. This is exactly when I should have been writing everything down but – instead – time gets lost in thought and emotional exhaustion. Some updates: I turned 30 (and the world is still humming about as if nothing has changed!), I started a new job, and I am still Keeping up with the Kardashians even though I know I should value my time more than that.

While I am contemplating how to extract the most positivity from my days, they are passing like wildfire. Here are some things I’ve learned in the last few months.

1. People don’t care what you do. They care about you. And, that’s it.

2. People are nosy. They can’t help but feel entitled to all your happenings.

3. People don’t need to know all your happenings. You still have a choice whether to tell all.

4. #3 is only true if the people in question aren’t your life preservers. The six or so closest people to you need to know everything in order to help you (and, refer to #1).

5. Rock bottom is a dancing line. It changes positions as you get stronger.

6. Your body really does protect and feed off your mind. Sickness & sad vibes go hand in hand. Protecting your soul will protect your body’s health (and vice versa).

7. A little sunshine and great friends will go a looongggg way.

Well, those thoughts aren’t mind-boggling, but sometimes your life gives you proof that cliques are usually true – and it makes you feel like you are relearning everything you already knew.

Be gentle. Be kind. Move your body. Drink red wine and dark chocolate and tell yourself it’s healthy because of all of those antioxidants. Serve others whenever possible.

I don’t know what my life will look like in a week, a month, or a year. This planner is out of her element, but I’m learning to ride the waves better than previously. I am growing, however challenging. I also am counting my blessings.

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